What is a shoutout?

Centuries ago, if you saw a new painting or a piece of jewelry at your neighbor’s place, you could ask, ‘Hey, where did you get that?’ The neighbor would tell you about a good painter or a jewelry store.

The same thing happens even nowadays as we share our experiences with relatives, friends, and colleagues, as we recommend certain goods and services.

A social media shoutout works pretty much the same way. Whenever a social network owner mentions another account, page or channel and provides a link, it’s a shoutout. The idea here is that an owner of a social media account advertises your brand or social media account to his or her own followers.

Let’s suppose I have a kitchenware store and I’ve found an Instagram account that posts food, recipes, etc. If its owner agrees to post my materials with a link to my web store (i.e. to give me a shoutout), this person’s followers will see my wares and may want to buy something or at least visit my store.

Simple, right? In fact, you probably see at least one social media shoutout every week. We do it all the time by liking posts, reposting, etc. Except we don’t do it in order to help someone make money.

How we can help

Brands usually ask popular influencers to give shoutouts because these people have large and loyal audiences that follow their recommendations. From this perspective, shoutouts are integrated into influencer marketing. here we come in, we will make sure that you get the most profitable shoutouts from people with even tiny audiences too, we partner with thousands of hundreds of influencers of sizes and niches so you can get everything you need at any time.

So what are you waiting for get in touch with us for all the promotions you need to be successful.